From Concept to Creation

Good design is the ability to combine abstract creativity with practical functionality. You could say it is beauty with purpose. Most designers and illustrators hold two concepts in tension - 1) what looks good and 2) what works; At Dresbach Studios, we believe both can [and should] coexist. We strive to bring balance to the table and produce designs that are both pleasing to the eye and the intellect - a seamless marriage of left and right brain. If you are having difficulty reconciling logic and looks, let us bridge the gap.

Logo Design - Photoshop

Due to increased internet marketing, decreased printing costs, and the need to compete in high tech digital arenas, individuals and businesses are opting for full color logo design. Programs like Photoshop offer endless possibilities that stretch the imagination and test the limits. This requires a great eye for editing so that concepts don't get lost in technological advances. Having all the bells and whistles doesn't necessarily mean we need to use them. We thrive in this type of challenge.

PostCards & Promotional Items 

Online printing services provide inexpensive solutions for postcards, business cards and promotional items. With little effort, these printed pieces can also be used in social media content, email campaigns and website postings. Clients can get the most out of their design  investment by using the same concepts across multiple platforms. We encourage this practice to reinforce the message at hand as well as overall brand recognition. 

Vector Illustration

Do you have a great sketch that needs to be refined? Allow us to turn your inspiration into professional printed pieces. Through Adobe Illustrator and a good old fashioned sktetch pad, we created the B&B Underground Bar B Que T-shirt design above. 

Brochure Design

Do you need a brochure, menu or flyer? We use the latest publishing software to create visually dynamic layouts for print, online postings, or email blasts.

Book Cover & Magazine Layout

From first time publishers to those established in the market, our design expertise will get you noticed on the shelf, at the stand and online.

Vector Logo Design

Vector art/logo design [often used in screen printing]  can be enlarged to any size without loss of resolution or detail. If you are looking to design or re-design your company logo and would prefer a more simplistic iconic approach, this method is for you. T-shirts, banners and promotional items  fall into this category as well.

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