Brands & Brand Recognition  

Symbols and images are communication in its simplest form. Capturing the essence of a business or organization through symbols and images in a concise and clever way is essential to great branding. The goal is to have a logo and/or theme that is memorable, innovative and easily identified so that a brand's identity is conveyed to their target audience in mere seconds. Through repetition and consistency, the most intentional brands become household names. With an ever changing market, it is imperative to communicate volumes of information in record time, and the best way for a business to achieve this is through well designed, thoroughly planned, consistent branding packages.    

Logos, Letterhead & Business Cards

Branding starts with defining and producing a business identity. Logo design, business cards, and stationary are a brand's foundation. Dresbach Studios can produce eye catching logo packages for individuals, businesses, organizations and events. If you already have a logo and need business cards, stationary and other identity essentials, we can help. 

Branding With Social Media Components

If you are not only in need of the basics [logo, business cards, & stationary]  but also an online marketing plan that supports the brand for larger impact, we can formulate a marketing campaign with varying options to make the most of a business launch, re-launch or branding update.  

Total Package

Our comprehensive branding package includes all of the above as well as consultation regarding  website design and/or update, constant contact/ mailchimp campaigns, social media blitz and coordinated aggressive marketing across the board.

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